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Robert really treated me like I was his biggest client. He saved me from being evicted and I am very grateful.

- Diane

I am a tenant who was sued in Brooklyn housing court on a holdover proceeding. I hired Mr. Rosenblatt and he did a great job for me. His law firm got me 5 months rent free before I moved out. Thank you!

- Donald

Outstanding landlord-tenant lawyer who knows the law and who knows how to use the law to his clients' advantage. He was aggressive and intelligent and he won my case.

- Ronald

If you ever have the displeasure of having to be in Housing Court, you will find that there is no better lawyer to represent you (regardless of whether you are a landlord or tenant). They know everyone in Court and they know how to negotiate a very good deal for you. They are also not afraid to take your case to Trial (as my last lawyer was). They are aggressive, smart and they dominated in Court. I would highly recommend this law firm.

- Richard

Great lawyers for landlords' rights and tenants' rights. We have used these lawyers as both landlords seeking to remove our tenants and as tenants when our business fell behind on the rent. They were excellent and aggressive. They knew the Court system inside and out. Our family is very grateful for the wonderful representation you have provided to us.

- Shirley

This lawyer is great. He helped me with all my legal issues. Very trustworthy. I recommend him from my experience as an excellent lawyer. For all your landlord-tenant legal issues, Mr. Rosenblat is number one in Brooklyn. He is very reasonable and understandable. Great guy.

- Alon M.

I have used landlord-tenant lawyers before, but Mr. Rosenblatt was by far the most knowledgeable and he fought like a pitbull for my rights. He is by far the best landlord-tenant lawyer I have used. Regardless of whether you are a landlord or a tenant, I would highly recommend him and his team of lawyers.

- Richard

Mr. Rosenblatt was able to take my eviction case and strongly advocate on my behalf and get what I feared would be me losing my place of residence to getting my case dismissed. He was kind, forthright and cost-effective. His staff is a positive reflection of him as well. I cannot recommend him and his office highly enough.

- Charles

I've known Mr. Rosenblatt and his staff, for over 20 years. He has represented me in Housing Court and in Supreme Court, against an unscrupulous, dishonest, unprincipled, deceitful, unethical, evil landlord and their associates. From his initial tiny office, he has worked tirelessly to help people, answer their questions and aggressively fight for them. On a recent visit, his staff did all they could to assure a distraught woman that she would not lose her apartment. Don't know where I'd be without them.

- Robert

I was served with eviction papers. I went to court myself and the landlord's lawyer was trying to bully me. I saw these lawyers in Court and I hired them for only a few hundred dollars. They found out my building was an illegal multiple dwelling and they got the case against me dismissed. I am grateful for the outstanding legal representation that Mr. Rosenblatt provided to me.

- Paul

Robert Rosenblatt and his staff are by far the most knowledgeable, professional, friendly and hardworking law firm that I know. I highly recommend them whether you are a tenant or a landlord!! They will exceed your expectations!! Love them!

- Gloria W.

I had a certain issue and was referred to Mr. Rosenblatt. He was quick, professional, and best of all, delivered real results. Rates were very reasonable as well. I did not have to worry about my case at all as it was in good hands, and indeed it was. All in all, a very positive experience, and I would highly recommend him for all landlord/tenant related issues.

- Ahron

Robert is very confident and has years of experience to back it up. He advised me on a situation I was going through, and was very direct to me. His willingness to help was very much appreciated - I can tell he truly cares for his clients!

- Emma

We met to discuss legal problems I was having with my landlord. Robert was very helpful when it came to helping me understand my legal rights and how we should proceed. I would have never gotten it settled had it not been for his persistence and expertise. I'm glad I chose him.

- Sulicia

A pleasure to work with! I refer Robert to everyone I know and they all walk away smiling. I have been using Robert as needed for over 20 years now and he has always come through for me. He is sincere, professional, and gets desired results. Robert is an expert in his field. I would never use anyone else. When you have the best forget about the rest!

- Paula

I've recently hired Robert Rosenblatt to represent me in a landlord-tenant eviction case in Redhook, Brooklyn. I was the tenant and was losing my case, which was handled by a different attorney when I decided to get a second opinion and consult with Robert. He was knowledgeable, professional, highly detailed, and accessible and his rates/fees are reasonable! He clearly explained my options and gave me the information I needed to make informed decisions...a vastly different experience, compared to that of the other attorney. I hired Robert on the spot! Not only did he stop the eviction, he negotiated a substantial financial settlement, in my favor. I couldn't be happier! Folks, Robert is the real deal. Call will be happy you did.

- Danielle

Prior to speaking to Mr. Rosenblatt, we felt like we were spinning. He helped empower us and gave us some very viable options so we can begin to take control of our situation. I highly recommend speaking to him.

- Charles

Excellent attorney. He negotiated a great deal for me and I am very grateful for his representation.

- Mara

Robert helped me navigate a settlement as the last tenant in my building when it was sold. He was kind, patient, confident, and told me exactly what to expect- everything played out exactly as he’d said it would. I was REALLY nervous. But it all worked out...I’ve referred others to him as well. Called him again last week when I got served foreclosure papers for the building I rent in--he had my number saved and again was confident, kind, and knew exactly what he was talking about. I truly believe he is the rare good guy. Trust.

- Hannah

Robert is an excellent landlord/tenant attorney. He gives sound advice and fiercely fights for his clients every inch of the way. And you cannot beat his prices!

- Past Client

Robert was unrelenting in defending me in my case against my landlord. My landlord was trying to steal my security deposit, so I called up Robert. He secured me many months rent free, even more than i asked for! His prices are reasonable and he will fight for you. Give him a call right away!

- Robin
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