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New York City Eviction Defense Lawyer

Tenants, whether they are individuals in residential properties or businesses in commercial spaces, can sometimes find themselves facing the grim reality of eviction. However, it’s essential to remember that facing an eviction notice isn’t the end of the road. At Robert Rosenblatt & Associates, we believe in standing up for the rights of tenants. We have decades of experience handling cases on behalf of clients facing eviction, and we are prepared to put that experience to work for you in your case as well. Contact a seasoned NYC eviction defense lawyer from Robert Rosenblatt & Associates today.

Eviction Defense Lawyer | Here for Tenants in NYC

Here at Robert Rosenblatt & Associates, we have an in-depth knowledge of New York landlord-tenant law, and we understand the nuances that can make or break an eviction case. We also understand that every tenant’s situation is different, which is why we offer personalized consultations to fully understand your specific circumstances and provide advice tailored to your case. Speak with a seasoned Manhattan landlord-tenant lawyer from our legal team so we can begin building a strong defense on your behalf.

Common Reasons for Eviction Notices in New York City

Tenants may face eviction for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons landlords move to evict their commercial or residential tenants are as follows:

  • Non-Payment of Rent: The most frequent cause of eviction. Despite being common, various defenses can be employed against this claim.
  • Lease Violations: These can range from having pets when they’re not allowed to illegal subletting or even using the property for unauthorized purposes.
  • Overstaying a Lease: Sometimes, tenants continue to stay after the lease term has ended, which can lead to eviction.
  • Property Damage: Deliberate damage or alterations without the landlord’s consent can lead to an eviction notice.
  • Illegal Activities: Use of the rental property for unlawful activities is a serious lease violation.

Defenses Against Eviction

Every case is unique, but there are common defenses that can be effective against eviction. They are as follows:

  • The “Warranty of Habitability”: Every tenant in New York has the right to a livable, safe, and sanitary apartment. If a landlord fails to provide this, it can be a valid defense against non-payment of rent.
  • Retaliation: If a tenant complains about an issue, and soon after receives an eviction notice, this could be seen as a retaliatory act by the landlord, which is prohibited.
  • Self-Help Evictions: Landlords cannot take matters into their own hands. Locking out a tenant or shutting off utilities is illegal and can be used as a defense.
  • Improper Notice: Landlords are required to follow strict protocols when issuing eviction notices. Any deviation can be grounds for dismissal.

Protection for Commercial Tenants

Businesses often feel they’re at a disadvantage when facing eviction. But the truth is, commercial tenants have rights too. We ensure these rights are not trampled upon. From ensuring landlords adhere to the specific terms of commercial leases to advocating for businesses facing undue hardship, we stand beside our commercial clients, every step of the way.

Contact a Dedicated NYC Eviction Defense Lawyer Today

Facing eviction is stressful, but knowing your rights and having a robust defense can significantly alter the outcome. Robert Rosenblatt & Associates is here to guide you through the process, provide strong representation, and champion your rights as a tenant in New York City. Don’t face eviction alone; let us be your trusted ally in your fight for a just resolution. Contact an eviction defense lawyer from Robert Rosenblatt & Associates today.

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