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Brooklyn Landlord-Tenant Lawyer

Navigating the complexities of Brooklyn’s landlord-tenant law requires competence and extensive knowledge. At Robert Rosenblatt & Associates, we provide unparalleled legal assistance to tenants, ensuring your rights are protected within the dynamic landscape of New York City real estate law. Contact a seasoned Brooklyn landlord-tenant lawyer from our legal team for an initial consultation today.

Landlord Tenant Lawyer | Representing Clients in Brooklyn, New York

Knowledge. Dedication. Results. These values embody our approach to every case we undertake in Brooklyn. Whether you’re a landlord navigating the eviction process or a tenant facing unlawful rent demands, we stand ready to advocate for your interests. From lease negotiations to courtroom litigation, our attorneys bring a tailored strategy to your unique situation. Our commitment is unwavering: to deliver legal services that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Our Legal Services

Robert Rosenblatt & Associates handles a wide range of landlord-tenant issues on behalf of our clients, including the following:

Understanding Brooklyn’s Court System

Brooklyn’s local court system is a hub for landlord-tenant adjudication. At the epicenter, the Kings County Housing Court, located at 141 Livingston Street, processes a vast array of disputes; from eviction proceedings to maintenance issues. Adjacent to it, the Civil Court at 141 Livingston Street deals with non-housing-related civil litigation. Complex cases may ascend to the Supreme Court at 360 Adams Street, where major real estate controversies and multifaceted landlord-tenant cases unfold.

These courts operate within a framework designed for expedient, fair resolutions, backed by New York’s commitment to tenants’ rights and equitable landlord dealings. Diverse in its community, the system is a microcosm of the borough it serves, witnessing a vast array of real estate and landlord-tenant cases that reflect Brooklyn’s multifarious nature.

Contact an NYC Landlord-Tenant Lawyer Today

Are you ready to discuss your case? If so, contact a Brooklyn landlord-tenant lawyer from our legal team today. Together, we’ll forge a path through Brooklyn’s legal landscape, ensuring your real estate matters are handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

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