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What’s the Role of a Tenant Lawyer in Lease Negotiation?

Signing a lease is a big commitment. You should know exactly what you are getting into. You should also do everything that you can to make sure that your best interests are being looked after in such an agreement. Do you know who could help with both of these things? A New York City tenants’ rights lawyer from our law firm. You may not think that a tenant lawyer is a necessary part of your lease negotiation, but we’ll tell you why it’s probably a good idea to talk to a professional before signing on any dotted line.

What Can a Tenant Lawyer Do For Me?

When a tenant lawyer works for you, they make sure that the lease agreement is fair and that there are no provisions in there that could cause headaches later. Your lawyer can handle all of the following tasks during a lease negotiation:

Drafting agreements: Your lawyer can help you draw up a fair agreement, with input from all parties involved. We can help with commercial or residential leases, but we can also assist with subletting arrangements and agreements.

Pointing out potential hazards: Some lease agreements can contain provisions that are not legal. Others are ambiguous, which means that they can easily cause a tenant legal problems later. We can point out these issues and fix them before any agreements are signed.

Deciding on the length of a lease and termination terms: A tenant lawyer can help you negotiate a lease of the appropriate length. Terms of an early termination can also be discussed. This can be especially helpful for commercial tenants who tend to get offered much longer leases with terms lasting multiple years.

Determining what happens when there is a conflict: Disagreements between landlords and tenants happen. It’s a good idea to figure out what methods of problem-solving will be used when a problem pops up.

Making responsibilities clear: Who pays for what and who is responsible for matters like repairs and maintenance? This needs to be laid out in your lease, especially if you’re renting a commercial space. The terms of commercial leases can vary greatly and it’s important to establish who pays for utilities, who pays taxes on the property, and what kind of maintenance work will fall to the tenant, if any.

Do I Really Need a Lawyer When I Sign a Lease?

We do recommend having a tenant lawyer on your side when signing a lease of any kind, but it’s especially recommended for anyone renting a commercial space. These leases tend to last longer and be more complex. You need to be sure about exactly what you’re getting into.

Contact Our Law Firm

There are many good reasons to hire a tenant lawyer when negotiating a lease. So before you make any agreement, take the time to contact Robert Rosenblatt & Associates. We can schedule a consultation and tell you more about what our seasoned attorneys can do to be of assistance.

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