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What Are My Rights as a Tenant in NYC?

The landscape of New York City’s housing market is complex and often intimidating for tenants. At Robert Rosenblatt & Associates, we understand the pressures and concerns that come with renting in the city, and we are committed to helping tenants navigate their rights with confidence and clarity. If you’d like to learn more about your rights as a tenant in NYC or you need a New York City tenants’ rights lawyer who can defend them, read on and reach out to our firm for more information.

What Protections Do NYC Tenants Have Against Eviction?

Tenants in New York City are shielded by robust laws. A legal eviction process starts with proper notice; anything less is challengeable. Your landlord must provide a reason for eviction, which can’t be arbitrary. Remember: retaliation is not a lawful ground for eviction. If you’re facing eviction, know that the court process is there to protect you, too. Experienced legal counsel, like the team at Robert Rosenblatt & Associates, can be a formidable ally in such circumstances.

Can My Landlord Increase the Rent Whenever They Want?

Rent increases are subject to regulation, especially in rent-stabilized apartments. Landlords must adhere to guidelines for rent-stabilized units; they can’t simply raise the rent on a whim. It’s imperative to understand whether your unit is stabilized or not. Even in non-stabilized apartments, lease agreements typically set terms for rent increases. For clear guidance, contact us today. Our legal team can elucidate these regulations.

Is My Landlord Required to Maintain My Apartment?

Absolutely – landlords have a legal obligation to keep rental properties habitable. Heat in winter, hot water, and repairs are not optional–they’re your right. When conditions are neglected, legal recourse is available. Documenting disrepair and reporting it promptly can strengthen your position. If you’re unsure about the steps to take, Robert Rosenblatt & Associates can advise you.

As a tenant in NYC, you have a wealth of rights at your disposal. The key is understanding these rights and how they apply to your situation. Should you ever feel these rights are being infringed upon, remember that Robert Rosenblatt & Associates is here to protect your interests. Whether it’s facing eviction, questioning a rent increase, or dealing with maintenance issues, our team is prepared to offer the legal support you need. Tenants’ rights are our priority, and our experience is your resource.

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