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How Can a Lawyer Help Me With a Rent Dispute?

When you lease a new apartment or commercial property, you usually have signed paperwork that outlines the rules of using the space. One of the big ones is how much rent you are expected to pay. If your landlord has changed the deal or has done something else to cause a rent dispute, then you need to fight back. A New York City rent dispute lawyer from our firm can help you use the law in your favor.

What Are Some Common Types of Rent Disputes?

Many potential conflicts can arise when you are renting a property. We have helped tenants facing all sorts of problems and we are ready to help you with your rent dispute too. Some issues we have dealt with include:

Illegal evictions: If your landlord is not following the proper procedure for evicting you, this is not just a rent dispute. They are actually breaking the law. We can help you use New York laws, which are quite favorable to tenants, in order to keep your home.

Excess fees: Your landlord can only consider a rent payment late if it is received more than five days after it is due. If they try to charge you extra fees before that, this is not legal. There is also a limit on how much a landlord can charge in fees.

Refusal to give receipts: If you pay your rent in cash or with a money order, you have a right to get proof of payment each month. If your landlord will not give you a receipt, they are breaking the law.

Security deposit disagreements: A landlord who tries to make unfair deductions or refuses to return your deposit in a reasonable time frame needs to be held accountable.

Lack of services: Your property is supposed to have heat and hot water. A landlord who does not make it a priority to deliver these essential services can end up with a client who rightfully withholds rent.

What Can a Lawyer Do When I Have a Rent Dispute?

A rent dispute lawyer can do a lot to help you with your issues. An attorney from our firm can:

  • Thoroughly review your lease
  • Protect you against retaliation
  • Answer your questions about New York laws and housing regulations
  • Use their knowledge of the law to protect your from unfair fees, excessive rent increases, or illegal eviction
  • Negotiate on your behalf to settle matters before they have to go to court

If you and your landlord cannot come to an agreement, we would be happy to advocate for you in court. We can build a compelling, persuasive case that shows how your landlord is in the wrong when it comes to this rent dispute.

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So if you are dealing with a rent dispute, know that you do not have to go it alone. Contact Robert Rosenblatt & Associates to learn more about how our lawyers can help you avoid losing money or losing your home. The first consultation is free, but what you learn could be invaluable.

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