Can a Lawyer Help With Common Condo and Co-Op Disputes?

There are plenty of issues that can come up when you are living in a condo or co-op. Sometimes, handling these problems on your own can be difficult and time-consuming. That is why our lawyers have plenty of experience helping our clients with condo and co-op disputes. If you have run into any kind of trouble, contact a New York City condo/co-op litigation lawyer.

What Are Some Examples of Condo and Co-Op Disputes?

Condo and co-op disputes can arise between residents or between boards and residents. We can handle all kinds of conflicts and help you find a solution. Common types of disputes include:

Bylaw infractions: Each condo and co-op has its own rules. Someone can be found in violation of a rule, but sometimes rules and how they are enforced can be challenged. This is especially true if board members seem “selective” about how certain bylaws get enforced.

Noise complaints: It can be tough living in a building with so many other people. Everyone needs to be courteous and respectful of the needs of other residents. When they are not, disputes can arise.

Mechanical and utility problems: No one should have to go without heat and other utilities. If you’re in a tall building, an elevator is more of a necessity than an amenity. When things go wrong with these building features, they need to be addressed by the appropriate parties.

Alterations to existing units: Sometimes, a plan to alter or upgrade your unit could be forbidden by the co-op or condo board. We may be able to help you negotiate your way through such an issue.

Board wrongdoing: The people on your board are not infallible, so some condo and co-op disputes arise when they mismanage funds or cause other issues for the building through malice or incompetence.

What Can Attorneys Do to Help?

An attorney who is well-versed in New York City housing laws can take a closer look at any conflict and help get all parties started on the road to compromise and resolution. Your attorney can:

  • Review important documents
  • Interpret existing agreements and argue on your behalf when you are in the right
  • Offer counsel on how to govern a condo or co-op and develop fair bylaws
  • Help develop long-term strategies for board governance after accusations of impropriety
  • Ensure that all shareholders get their voices heard

Do You Have to Go to Court Over Condo and Co-Op Disputes?

Condo and co-op disputes can end up going to court, but they do not have to. In fact, our attorneys also have experience exploring other avenues of conflict resolution, like mediation. Litigation can often get quite expensive and time-consuming. If we can help you find a way to avoid that, we will.

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