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Residential and commercial landlord-tenant issues are complex and require the guidance of a competent, knowledgeable legal team. Robert Rosenblatt & Associates handles all cases pertaining to landlord-tenant and real estate law, including evictions, rent disputes, commercial litigation, real estate closings, and much more.

If you’re facing a landlord-tenant or real estate issue of any kind, contact the skilled New York City landlord-tenant lawyers at Robert Rosenblatt & Associates today.

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Why Hire Robert Rosenblatt & Associates?

Robert Rosenblatt & Associates is a steadfast advocate and trusted legal resource for clients facing all landlord-tenant and real estate matters in NYC. Reasons why clients turn to us for representation when it matters most include:

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Decades of Experience

With years of in-depth experience in NYC’s intricate real estate market, we’ve successfully tackled a wide array of cases, from complex commercial litigation to heated lease disputes and beyond.

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Stellar Track Record

Our history of satisfied clients and favorable verdicts is a testament to our knowledge and skill in landlord-tenant matters.

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Client-Centric Approach

At Robert Rosenblatt & Associates, our clients come first. We pride ourselves on offering personalized services tailored to our clients’ unique needs.

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Transparent Communication

We believe in keeping you in the loop. Our team ensures clear communication at all stages, so you’re always informed. With our firm, there’s never a question of where your case stands.

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Hear From Our Clients Testimonials
Robert really treated me like I was his biggest client. He saved me from being evicted and I am very grateful.

- Diane

I am a tenant who was sued in Brooklyn housing court on a holdover proceeding. I hired Mr. Rosenblatt and he did a great job for me. His law firm got me 5 months rent free before I moved out. Thank you!

- Donald

Outstanding landlord-tenant lawyer who knows the law and who knows how to use the law to his clients' advantage. He was aggressive and intelligent and he won my case.

- Ronald

If you ever have the displeasure of having to be in Housing Court, you will find that there is no better lawyer to represent you (regardless of whether you are a landlord or tenant). They know everyone in Court and they know how to negotiate a very good deal for you. They are also not afraid to take your case to Trial (as my last lawyer was). They are aggressive,…

- Richard

Great lawyers for landlords' rights and tenants' rights. We have used these lawyers as both landlords seeking to remove our tenants and as tenants when our business fell behind on the rent. They were excellent and aggressive. They knew the Court system inside and out. Our family is very grateful for the wonderful representation you have provided to us.

- Shirley

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Whether you’re a landlord initiating eviction proceedings or a tenant facing one, we’re here to fight for your rights and protect your interests.

Holdover Proceedings

Clients facing holdover proceedings regarding expired leases or violations of lease terms can turn to Robert Rosenblatt & Associates for help.

Nonpayment & Rent Disputes

Our firm helps reach prompt resolutions, be it backlogged rent payments or unfair rent hikes.

Division of Housing Community Renewal (DHCR) Issues

We offer comprehensive guidance on DHCR regulations, representing clients in administrative proceedings, and advising on compliance.

Rent Control and Rent Stabilization

Robert Rosenblatt & Associates protects tenants’ rights under rent control laws and challenges illegal overcharge claims.

NYCHA (NYC Housing Authority) Cases

We assist residents facing NYCHA-related legal issues, from grievances to administrative hearings and litigation.

Lease Disputes

Here at Robert Rosenblatt & Associates, we are dedicated to resolving lease disputes with precision and efficacy. Whether you need help addressing issues related to rent, property maintenance, or lease violations, you can have confidence in your decision to turn to Robert Rosenblatt & Associates for guidance. Contact us today.

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Commercial Litigation

Robert Rosenblatt & Associates is dedicated to safeguarding the rights of commercial property owners and tenants alike, and we offer a range of services tailored to each of our clients’ unique demands. For skilled counsel regarding all commercial landlord-tenant issues, including commercial lease disputes, rent disputes, and much more, contact us today.

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